ART Ambalaj started its activities in the plastic packaging sector in 2002. By contributing to the development of the packaging industry with the investments made, it meets the flexible packaging needs both at home and abroad.

It continues its activities as 5500 m² closed area, total 6000 m² inland extruder, printing, cutting, warehouse-shipment and administrative part.

It exports 70% of its production to 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Our company, which has an annual production capacity of 7200 tons, is growing and developing day by day thanks to the fact that the machine park and personnel structure, especially the customer satisfaction principles, have been the main objectives and the quality service that they have offered.

Our Faith

Our mission

We believe that the Earth will be GREEN and LIFE by protecting the basic living resources (air, water, soil) for the living creatures by using Quality, Rugged, Economic, and Nature Friendly Products.

Our mission

Our mission

The expectations of our customers; Our employees, who specialize in the latest scientific and technological developments in the world by applying the highest level, quality, efficient and efficient to meet.

Our Vision

Our vision

While carrying out its activities in accordance with national and international legislation; to be a quality, reliable and preferred model and to be among the international companies with this responsibility.

Quality, Environment, Service and Customer Satisfaction Policy

In our factory operating in packaging sector,

  • Focusing on protecting the environment in all our products and activities we produce by keeping customer satisfaction on the front line, we keep business health and safety in the foreground.
  • In this context, the prevention of pollution is our basic direction and we reduce our impact on biodiversity and ecosystem. While acting on the principle of zero accidents in occupational health and safety, we reduce hazardous occurrences and demonstrate proactive approaches with risk-based thinking.
  • We provide a better business environment by protecting from the dangers associated with the conduct of business and from the conditions that would cause the degradation of our health.
  • While shaping our activities on energy efficiency and effective management, we know that natural resources are not limitless, we implement saving measures. We work to reduce climate change.
  • While conducting our activities, we provide business satisfaction in terms of transparency and objectivity in all processes from supplier to customer and work environmentally oriented.
  • Our aim is to implement and sustain the field of activity in which we operate by following national and international laws, regulations and laws.
  • Continuous improvement in all our quality management systems is our basic philosophy and we do this by determining customer satisfaction and other interested parties' expectations and by following up technological developments and constantly educating employees