Production and Technology

Production Flow

The activity carried out in this way is to print the films produced by coextrusion technique and polyethylenene with the latest technology flexo method and to make them into bags by shaping these films in desired sizes. Printed and unprinted films, wicket hygiene packagings, cargo and banded bags, threaded, zipped (locked), keppli, corded, reinforced and handy bags are produced for automatic filling machines.



The first stage in which the plastic in the form of raw material takes shape is the extruder. The extruder dissolves the small, solid plastic particles (granules) contained in the extruder at high temperatures and emulsifies them into a molten plastic balloon with a strong air blow. The balloon-like plastic that flows into the air is folded in two and wrapped around the roller by means of rollers. The raw materials used in the extruder phase are polyethylene, various additives and solid paint particles.

Printing Process

Printing process is flexo systems. The prints in the flexo system are carried out by the plates placed on the rollers by transferring the dye onto the plastic filmin in flow.


It gives the final shape cutting operation to the packaging. Printed or unprinted packages arriving at the cutting machines are finalized in the cutting machines according to the special requirements of the customers. With its mechanical perforation capabilities and high performance, cutting and conversion lines for a wide range of packaging needs, Art Pack meets different customer expectations for all formats.