Material Properties

Mat (iced) View Movies

Matte appearance is a feature provided in different shapes. The first is frosted property with the polyethylene raw material in the film gets a matt appearance. The second one can be created with a matt-specific paint on any film, with the brilliance removed from the center. It enables the packaging to achieve a high quality appearance.

Anti-fog Film

The films we produce with special additives prevent the formation of water droplets in the packaging of frozen foods. Thus, the longer the shelf life and quality of the food is provided.

Antistatic Films

Anti-static films produced with special additives increase efficiency in packaging machines. It prevents dust from packing. In bags produced from antistatic films, it is ensured that the stacking is smooth and the electric charge is reduced.

Anti-Slip Films

With special raw material blends, we are able to produce custom films for our customers' non-slip packaging needs. These films facilitate the stacking of large surface area packages, reducing the effect of slip between the surfaces.

Single / Multi-Layer Films

According to customer's request, we can develop polyethylene single-layer and multi-layer (co-ex) films, In the co-ex varieties, the bottom and top surfaces of filmin can be produced in different colors. For the special needs of customers, Art Ambalaj can develop special prescriptions for special products with its experienced team

Peripheral Sensitive Films

Art Packaging seeks to fulfill the environmental responsibilities of itself and its customers with alternatives to oxo-biodegradable and biodegradable films.

  • Oxo-biodegradable films

  • Oxo-biodegradable films are obtained by adding oxo-biomaterials to petroleum-based plastic raw materials. These materials are divided into fragments only in the presence of sunlight and oxygen. Dissolving does not start in a closed package, away from heat, light and moisture. To be able to start dissolving, the product must be exposed to heat, light and moisture. After that, microorganisms come into play. Microorganisms in the ground allow the plastic construction to be completely mixed with the soil

  • Biodegradable Movies

  • Biodegradable materials are produced from natural plants. Hammaddesi can be corn oil, corn starch, orange peel, tapioca products, sugar cane, etc. plants. These materials obtained from renewable sources are biodegradable in the presence of oxygen.