Our Human Resources Policy

Art Ambalaj; innovation and change are aimed at bringing creative and entrepreneurial individuals who are aiming to develop themselves and work, to become an institution that all of our employees will be proud of, to integrate their career plans with the future plans of the institution they are working in, to bring together company goals and personal targets in the same payday, creating a community of happy employees who create it and making it sustainable.

Basic principles of our human resources policy

  • To provide a peaceful and warm working environment for our employees, to gain a sense of belonging in order to reach to common goals quickly and accurately,
  • To provide qualified human power with the knowledge and skills required by his / her duties and to support the continuous learning and development by keeping personal and professional developments in the foreground,
  • To identify and implement the training programs aimed at raising the satisfaction of our employees' job satisfaction, acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to ensure their success in the business environment,
  • Evaluating employee performances with objective criteria, ensuring that punishment and rewarding system is carried out in parallel, to reach motivation and productivity at higher levels,
  • I am always looking forward to providing the best for my employees by imagining innovative human resources practices.
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